Is Adolfo just following Lenin?

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Wed May 8 23:57:54 MDT 1996

> Although I have been critical of Adolfo on a number of points,
> in fairness, I have to say that overall his actions on the l'st could
> be said to be consistent with the following arguments of Lenin.
>Christ supporting the opportunist Olaechea. He follows Kautski and Linpiao

First, Olaechea does not belong to a Communist Party, by his own admission
his only membership is the Stalin Society (which is like a social club),
second, he is totally isolated from the masses, his Committee is himself.
He said in his letter to our 2 Comrades he tried to split that he could not
work with the other 4 who left, according to him were "impostors."
Third, he is not in any revolutionary front he demagogically preaches.
Forth, he is not a proletarian nor he follows the proletarian ideology.
Please don't insult Lenin with the opportunist Olaechea.
> "One of the necessary conditions for preparing the
> proletariat for its victory is a long, stubborn and
> ruthless struggle against opportunism, reformism,
> social chauvinism, and similar bourgeois influences
> and trends, which are inevitable, since the proletariat
> is operating in a capitalist environment.
Is Oleachea preparing a revolution in the Internet, his only
plataform of strugglle. Don't be silly.

> If there is no such struggle, if opportunism in the
> working class movement is not utterly defeated
> beforehand, there can be no dictatorship of the
> proletariat."
Olaechea is not from the working class. His official biographers
Zodiac and Simon Strong said he was a business man, yes or not?

> 16 Dec 1919 "The Constituent Assembly Elections and the
> Dictatorship of the Proletariat".
> It applies to the  members of a Communist parties that prepare for
real revolution -aremd struggle- not to to snitches like Oleachea and
Azcueta who
prepare themselves to finger revolutionaries to the police under the
guise and falsity "they are Avakianists, impostors, is not his real name,
is the same person, etc."  Remenber what slanders the imperialists said
about Lenin. Oleachea equals Azcueta. By the way, are you assuming the role
of officer of the Court? If so, your judgement is impaired.

> Marcelina (I don't exist in Olaechea's brain)

> Chris
> London.
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