Blocking with cops is unprincipled..

Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu May 9 01:37:11 MDT 1996

>The point - Mr. malecki, is that these are not real cops, but make believe
>cops, i.e. non-existant cops. Just a typical opportunist ruse to escape a
>debate, and trying to prevent exposure on the part of a political double
>When you get arrested anywhere in the world - even in Sweden - the police
>would most certainly not release you without FIRST establishing your true
>identity, especially if the case is got even the most remote connection with
>politics, and revolutionary politics in special.
>Therefore, "Mr. Quispe" could never have been "arrested" for anything
>remotely linked to the debate in this list for the simple reason that Quispe
>or Ccorimanya (it is but the same person) is not the real name of the person
>making these postings.
>Moreover, it was "Ccorimanya" who "reported" Quispe's "persecussion" and
>"RRRevolutionary martyrdom" in this list, while "Quispe" himself - at
>roughly the same time - was actually already busy posting his lies in the
>Peruvian list at Peru at where it can be read by the Peruvian
>reactionaries, their secret service people, their reactionary press, etc.,
>so as to serve the interests of the Fujimori regime in claiming "another
>split in the Shining Path".  Something which they are duly already doing and
>what we are going to have to counter too.
>So Mr. Malecki, who is really "blocking with cops" here?  I think you are
>running the danger of doing just that in public!
>Adolfo Olaechea
Aldolfo, i hope you are right and that nobody put the cops on to Quispe. But
by posing the question does not mean that one is a cop. I relly believe that
putting real cops onto political opponents is a real crime. But for the time
being i will take your word that Quispe was not arrested or that the Red
flag was not invaded by cops..

malecki in exile...

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