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Thu May 9 05:44:30 MDT 1996

Marcelina: There is nothing new in impostor Olaecheas' allegations.
It is great he doesn't know the work of the MPPs, The New Flag and
our Editor Luis Quispe [who will soon reappear in this forun with an
ideological article on this matter.] Oleachea is old as Goebbels in
lying, twisting, fabricating allegations against poltitical opponents..
that he never substantiates....Any way, does he have any credibility?
We think not. In any event we will respond all his allegations of
snitch Olaechea (now made himself into a medical Doctor -but he is not more
than a greedy businesman], and will provide a coverage on Arce Borja, the
bogus representative in Europe [the real MPP according to charlatan
Olaechea]--in reality all he own this indovidual is to use his name in the
cover of the real El Diario (Peru)---His Diario Internacional
(EDI) represents  his own views ans is tragetted to petty bourgeois. Yes,
The New Flag was the only team that translated and reproduced the
moribund EDI, we resucitated it with a large distribution at no charge in
the US and Latin America. If we learned that Arce is any way involved in
sladering The New Flag and our editor, we will take immediate
political action. Let the opportunists throw the stone, it will on
their feet.

Upheld the New Flag,

Down the traitorous Co-Rim/Avakian Gang!
Down the opportunists snitches Olaechea and Arce Borja!

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