Aldolfo is lying!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu May 9 07:38:29 MDT 1996

Dear List,

Many of you people on this list have raved and ranted at malecki because of
his contributions to this list. I naturally take your ranting with a nip of
salt, because i know what ground i stand on both right and wrong. But their
is one thing, you all would agree on hopefully. Malecki does not lie. He
tries to tell it how he sees it. You might not agree with me but i do try to
tell the truth as i see.

Aldolfo is a liar.And if he is a real representative of the PCP he is
dragging their name through the mud.. He is trying to set me up as a liar.
He is claiming that i am soft on Quispe because i am surpose to have gotten
a place on the WEB pages of something or other.

Now i do not know even what he is talking about. I have never received any
messages from any wing of the maoists that they were prepared to do anything
for malecki. In fact Aldolfo accused me long before this Maoist war even
broke out as being somebody who "killed women and children" in Vietnam among
other things.

I had always thought that both Aldolfo and Quispe were in the same organisation.

Now when the shit hits the fan between Aldolfo and Quispe I am informed by
Aldolfo that i was bought off at best by the Quispes. Interesting, but
everybody on this list knows that malecki does not lie! Nor would i ever
make a deal to try and get some space on Internet. In fact i have quite a
lot as it is. I have gone out with letters all over the net to the USec, the
Anarchists, the American,CP, the morenoites, and a lot of other
organisations. In fact i continue to do so. The only organistion that i know
of that actually has done something is the Swedish USec and the American
Spartacists.. At least on the left. There have been many, many, other
organisations both on the net and off, but also individuals..

I welcome any support naturally. I think it would be the duty of every
organisation claiming to be "marxist" to defend people like myself..Although
there are some whom have been very fucking quiet Charlotte...

But back to Aldolfo. I hereby say officially that Aldolfo is a liar. And if
he can lie about malecki, he can lie about other things. So Aldolfo what you
have done is make me even more suspicious of you and you lovely words.

Another thing that bugs me is the fact that you claim that Quispe is some
sort of ego trippad idiot looking for Internet publicity. Well, it was not
Quispe,s portrait presented to the net by EYE OF THE WORLD or what ever. It
was you Aldolfo in all your ego tripping glory.

Quispe did not send me the EYE OF THE WORLD STORY either i found it on news,
now once, not twice, but numerous times...

Thirdly did you or did you not release the names of people on the Internet
who could be persecuted by real cops?

There is a clock ticking here Aldolfo. The clock is your credibility. To me
you have proved only one thing with your latest document. That you are a
liar. My prove is that you make these lies about me personally. Perhaps in
the maoist world this kind of stuff works. But i have many friends that know
that malecki never lies about his own life. And would never do what you
accuse me of in your letter. Make a deal with Quispe to get some lines in
the newspapers.

Malecki does not have to make any deals with marxists. I only have to say if
you are really what you say you are then it is your duty to do what you can.
But that is a big difference. And my only weapon against those who have not
helped me against the American Government is to say such and such
organisation did NOTHING! Or such and such organisation did SOMETHING. That
my friend is a very powerful weapon in my hands. You would be really
surprised how powerful it is...

Stop the lies Aldolfo.. Your are painting yourself into a corner and i will
publicly nail your ass to the wall.....

malecki in exile...

PS: Aldolfo i am a doer, not just a sayer....

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