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Thu May 9 08:48:29 MDT 1996

With their game in tatters, the Judy of Mr. Punch is attempting to
regurgitate their absurd charges inspired by the arch-traitor Maximiliano
Durand Araujo - the "doctor in Paris" who met chairman Gonzalo when "he
also" was a teacher in Huamanga University.

Presumably, the janitor also met the Chairman on occassions, however that
does not qualify him automatically as a "PCP member" either.   The PCP since
1986 has decreed that NO ONE must give credence to Maximiliano Durand
Araujo.  Later the MPP deservedly - and with Quispe's own "closing of ranks"
endorsement as it appears in El Diario Internacional N. 20, denounced him as
a rat and saboteur and a slanderer and trafficker.  These are the FACTS.

But enough of these puppet show - it is the pupeeteers who we want to stand
up and be counted.

MR. DAN AXTELL - you are behind Quispe and have spoken on his behalf.  You
are a memeber of this list from time to time.  What is your game? You have
privately manifested yourself apalled by Quispe's behaviour as is on our
However, it was you who was behind the scenes circulating these absurd
allegations against Arce Botja and myself. You have an obligation to come
out into the open now and repeat these charges.  You can't claim the right
of anonymity - Dan Axtell may not be your name, but you have a background
and a history and people know you, that gives you a modicum of
representatitivity.  You are not a Peruvian, but an American citizen, so no
questions of immigration or shadowy cops visiting to ask for a cup of tea as
an excuse to raise a hue a cry about presecution in this list, nor to accuse
members as CIA agents, etc.

We said already we will not longer bother with the puppets.  We want to know
if you are their ventriloquist, and if so, why?

Committee Sol-Peru

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