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Thu May 9 09:25:51 MDT 1996

>>We are very positive he does know our organization and most likely
>>list innocent supporters, most likely the same 3 friends who were
>>"denounced" by Fujimori in 1992 and place in the watch list in Peru.
>>We will see it. Remember Olaechea's psychotic denounciations against Azcueta,
>>now who is denouncing Olaechea? We do.
>Is it true Aldolfo? Did you threaten to reveal names of people who could be
>endangered with repression by the cops?

OK Malecki, are you as silly as you pretend?

If any one from the police or immigrations comes looking for a person -
whether they arrest him or not - here, in Sweden, or anywhere in Europe or
the US, it is because they already know who they are looking for. And if the
police in the US knows, the Peruvian authorities know it too!.

So, what is the "anonymity" of a "bureacrat" with TWO desks all for himself
(Director AND Vice Director of NF) for? If they did NOT arrest him, why then
is he keeping his mask-on if he has nothing to fear?.  He has already
published a long disclaimer saying he does not do anything illegal. What is
he done that is illegal?

As a matter of fact, I was myself arrested on May 1 and spend from 10 am
until 12.30 pm in Fulham police station in London - I did not blame then,
nor do I blame know, anyone in the list for that, nor do I claim special
persecussion against me or made big sounding denounciations, although every
tenet of proletarian justice was on my side. I know how to defend myself,
and if I need a lawyer, I, or the Committee can get it for me, and that is all.

Revolutionaries are no wilting roses, Malecki.

So what was all this "persecussion" all about? Only for show!  This bogus
claim by this one into two "New York guerilla" is too bathetic  - and
pathetic -  even for you to pretend believing them.  Anyone who does, will
lose all my respect.

It was the practice of the Holy Inquisition to give credence to anonymous
witness and to hear them testify behind a hole in the door.  Come to think
of it, it is in the same fashion that the "faceless tribunals" of Fujimori
condemn the revolutionaries in Peru.

"The Q and Cc" show is a sinister Punch and Judy muppet episode running long
after is sell by date.  However bizarre, it must have a responsible owner -
will the ventriloquist please stand up and repeat these absurd charges if he

We will only answer them before real people who can be held responsible and
need not hide behind "cloak and dagger" fishwives tales.

So, either you assume FULL responsability for "Q&Cc" and ALL their
allegations, or everybody must now see that you are only being self-serving,
playing to stoke the fires in order to blacken Maoism.  I understand your
game, after all you are an open enemy of Maoism, and that deserves a minimum
of respect.  However, not enough for playing with your anarchist marked
cards, malecki.  That is a game I, for one, am not prepared to enter into.
So put up, or shut up.

Adolfo Olaechea

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