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Thu May 9 12:03:18 MDT 1996

Body is going a bomb here:

>        You also say : "Under a system of workers' states, as the world
>approaches socialist economic hegemony, products will less and less take
>the form of commodities."
>        This is a vague declaration.  As long as people use money, goods
>will be commodities.

Nothing vague about it. The law of value as what determines the sale and
distribution of commodities will more and more give way to conscious
allocation of resources and distribution of products, using a variety of
methods to set priorities and monitor supply and demand. (Supply and
demand, by the way, belong to the very limited set of universal economic
categories. See the very beginning of Grundrisse for some enlightening
pages on this - Introduction, section 2 The general relation of production
to distribution, exchange and consumption, a) Consumption and production,
especially pp 30-31).

>I really hope that you aren't waiting for money to
>disappear before we start the revolution.  I think the phrase "biting off
>more than one can chew" applies here.

This is *weird*. The revolution will create the conditions (if it's
successful) for the gradual disappearance of commodities. At the start,
money will be around as much as ever -- and for most of us, more than ever.

>        We have to get there FROM here, comrade.  Revolution is not a magic

Complete agreement, Body.

Mind you, once a successful revolution or two has taken place and
capitalism starts yielding its world hegemony to the combined productive
forces of the revolutionary workers' states, I think the majority of the
world's population will have no hesitation in thinking the effect is as
dramatic as that produced by a magic wand.

Just to give one example that springs to mind. The carpet children of
Pakistan and their bonded labour parents will see the effects as
miraculous. So will the slum-dwellers of pretty well every great city of
the world, including the States. Just imagine being free to walk the
streets of your own city in peace, anywhere you like, any time you like,
with a full stomach, a clear head and a healthy body! More than capitalism
gives you, even if its not asking much!



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