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Thu May 9 13:10:40 MDT 1996

> So far i think it is Aldolfo with his style who has put me into something i
>am not really involved in. I have openly critised all wings of maoism for
>being bankrupt. This because there ideology sooner or later means a deal
>with the "progressive" wing of bougeois forces. Both in Peru and

Come on Robert, own up!.  Everybody seems to understand what I said in black
and white xcept you. Don't blame my style for you jumping to conclussions
and impaling yourself like a fool.

>.Futher more Aldolfo accused me of making a deal with Quispe in order to get
>some sort of something on a PCP anti-facist page which i do not know
>anything about..And until Aldolfo takes this lying slanderous accusation
>back, to me he is still a liar..

Is this another one of your fantasies? You must have been reading something
else before you fell sleep in front of your computer.  I can not take back
what I have never put forth.  So, sorry, but if you are not a liar on
purpose you make a pretty good one by accident!

>As there appears to be a lot of secret posts going on between the warring
>factions, which later on are posted as prove that this or that are agents of
>imperialism at best. I send you this and post the entire exchange to the list..
>malecki in exile...

Thanks Malecki for shooting down my enemies for me!  I could not hav done
what you just did!  There is nothing better in a struggle than having a
clumsy enemy in front, and nothing worse for anyone than to having you on
his side!  I think that is sufficient punishment for the poor WOODEN DOLL.


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