The workers' bomb?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Thu May 9 15:41:27 MDT 1996

Jorn writes:

>Do you really think that a working class could use atomic bombs
>for any good? Nuclear weapons are offensive weapons which mainly
>kill *people* (i.e. workers). How could a workers' state argue
>at the same time as it uses nuclear weapons that those same workers
>should fight their own rulers and not a foreign workers' state?
>I think it's impossible ...

A couple of points here.

First, a workers' state would presumably have a strategy of targeting enemy
sites of military, infrastructural and productive importance, while not
targeting great centres of population. If the two coincide, any civilian
deaths would be comparable to the killing of hostages held by gangsters.

Second, during many wars, workers' states have fought against the workers
in uniform of imperialist states. In WWII, many Red workers in uniform in
Finland had rifles trained on them from both sides -- white officers from
behind and Soviet soldiers from in front. This, if handled with political
insight by the workers' state will produce enormous tensions in the
imperialist army. The aim being to get the imperialist troops to turn their
weapons on their own exploiters.

Obviously, a workers' state would work for complete mutual nuclear
disarmament. It would not take the lead in disarming unilaterally. This
might possibly happen in an imperialist country where the anti-nuclear
lobby gathered sufficient momentum -- it's a case of defending a workers'
state by all means at your disposal, and fighting for the defeat of your
own imperialist nation by all means at your disposal.



PS This Martens pro-nuke crap reminds me of nothing more than the Lyndon
LaRouche gang. Here in Sweden they call(ed) themselves the EAP (European
Workers Party). Their two big profile things were a PCP/ultra right style
hate campaign against Olof Palme, the Social Democrat leader, and
propaganda for nuclear power.

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