Marx's Value Theory--a potential critique

boddhisatva kbevans at
Thu May 9 21:16:34 MDT 1996

		Mr. Kuhls,

	Again you do not deign to make your own point.  However, your posting
reminds me of a somewhat egregious error I made.  I said the value of
anything is what someone actually pays for it.  This should be modified to
take into consideration the shifting nature of currency supply.  The value of
something is a person's *willingness* to pay for it, which is most rationally
approximated by what he actually pays for it with the understanding that some
correction for currency fluctuation should be applied.

	Marx is correct that workers are wrong not to try and assess the
value of their work in terms of cash.  THe worker does not give " something
for nothing because
his own labour does not cost him any cash outlay", but gives EVERYTHING for
nothing because he depends on the capitalist, and not the consumer, to pay


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