Cleveland labor: 'All-out to beat Republicans!'

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>**Cleveland labor: 'All-out to beat Republicans!'**
>>A new video was shown that features the story of last year's
>lockout of United Steelworkers of America Local 1375 by
>Warren Consolidated Industries in Warren, Ohio and Communist
>Party Chairman Gus Hall's visit there last summer. Hall
>played a key role in organizing the local in 1937 and was
>invited by the union to address its June membership meeting.
>Following the video, Local 1375 President Dennis Brubaker
>told the story of the successful fight the union had waged
>against a "military-style" attempt to break the local. He
>stressed the importance of the preparations the union had
>made before the contract expired, including having Hall


Many thanks for these posts.   They are read and circulated with interest
here in Brisbane.

Is it possible for you to supply more information about the video. Title?
Date? Producer/Director? Where one can get a copy?  My thesis covers Labor
docos, and I am very interested in their use by Trade Unions.



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