Nato and east europe!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu May 9 22:38:39 MDT 1996

Hi Sally,

Will keep and eye out for this stuff mentioned in your letter. However, now
that you mention it, a fairly interesting conference has already taken place
this past week!

The so called countries on the Baltic sea had a meeting in Visby, on Gotland
and island in the middle of the Baltic sea. The topic was surpose to be the
"envionment" and the Baltic sea. But in reality was all about the Baltic
states including Poland joining Nato. The two main people at the conference
were the Russian foreign minister and Helmut Kohl himself!

That the Russians and Germans put such high priority on this meeting is just
because of the Nato question. And the whole meeting and all the press
conferences were just about Nato.

The Russians warning the Baltic states that Russia would consider this act
as a deadly threat to its interests became quite clear and also the
underlying threat that the whole area including Scandinavia could be drawn
into a war. The Swedes with the Social Democratic party leader were very
clever and lied low mumbling about the right for little states like the
Baltic states the right to make there own decisions. What was interesting
was that Helmut Kohl was quiet! At least in any press conferences. But the
point being. What was Germany doing behind the scenes.

The Swedes are again playing their pro german card also.

And the Balt states are acting like Germany is their big daddy.

Poland was also rather quiet. They appear to be afraid of the Germans and
are much more interested in an alliance with American and Britain on the
Nato question.

What appears to be happening is that the Germans are beginning to take a
real active role in all this stuff while keeping in the background. And
there appear to be a lot of people that are very worried about what Germany
is up to. And not just the Russians. If things begin to come to push come to
shove, who knows we might even see a new German-Russia pact. However at this
earlier stage of renewed inter-imperialist rivalry just about anything is

However my bet is the lines go along those from world war two. But has
Germany learned anything about fighting a new war on two fronts? That is
going to be a key question. It will also be the question of who Germany sees
as their main rival and enemy. It is at this point very uncertain..

warm regards
malecki in exile

PS: I am sending a copy of this to the marxist list. I am sure their are
people their who are going to have a lot to say about this!

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