Characteristics of slums - urban poor?

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> Almost no one studies the differentiation within the working class in
>Marxian categories (though racial categories are used as much by social
>darwinists as by progressive-minded scholars, both intent to point to a
>great 'racial gap'), and there is very little real discussion of the
>difficulties in the way of class unity as deepening economic crisis has
>complex effects on differentiation within the working class.

I think the fact there there is no real discussion relates to a political
position, stated or not, of not organising the "lower" strata of the working
class, or not trying to attempt to bring together the anger of the
"futureless" youth with the more stable sections of the working class, whose
"future" is more and more threatened by the deeping of the economic crises.

Has the US left not got to the point of analysing how racial problems
overlap in many situations with the class position?

>There is an important essay by Max Adler from 1933 which could be consulted
>for an example of how one has analyzed and recognized a)the objective
>differentiation within the working class; b)the respective dispositions of
>these different strata, c)the problems all this poses for united class
>action and d) the contradictory effects of protracted economic crisis on
>efforts at unity.
>Max Adler's essay "Metamorphosis of the Working Class" was translated and
>reprinted in *Austro- Marxism*, ed. Tom Bottomore and Patrick Goode. Oxford
>University Press, 1978

I'll look for it. Is there anyplace on-line I can look for this one, and
similar essays. You know, ahem, country in upper Middle East;-)

In solidarity,

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