Il Postino

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Fri May 10 01:45:44 MDT 1996

Caught up yesterday with Il Postino. With so much happening on the
l'st I thought I would just mention this, as from time to time we
have discussed films, plays and books.

It is a fine marxist, film. About the
exile of Pablo Neruda, the Chilean Communist poet on an Italian island in
the early fifties.

You could say it is about many democratic forms of love.

The reminder on this l'st of the victory of no doubt reformist
left wing politics in Italy, seems relevant.

The film is
a gramscian argument for the relevance of the struggle in
the superstructure, and the subtle but pervasive form this may take,
and the fact that it may require a democratic faith spanning decades to
carry it through.

Try to see the film.

I would be interested in other takes on it.


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