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Fri May 10 02:54:47 MDT 1996

Our Turkish friend has hit a nerve...In earlier discussions on this list
their was a great term used "them or us. I have found that this term is used
not only in America but here in Sweden also. In fact this way of thinking is
rather common amongst the urban poor and workers. It might not be said in
the exact same way, but the bottom line is the same meaning..

I think there is a communication gap both in thoughts and words between our
marxists and the masses. The maoists in a deformed way try to understand
this but it sounds more like a fucking religion rather then a desperate
fight between classes..When they run their little game of third world

I find this also in the discussions i am at presently having on the Usenet.
In fact it is much easier for me to fight with the Vietnam vets on a
communication level then the intellectuals on this list. We are really from
two different worlds. In fact i find myself somewhere in the middle at this
present point in history. The marxists think i am a crazy workerists nut and
the vets think i am a communist coming in the middle of the night to take
their children. Of course there are lights in the end of the tunnel. Some of
the vets are even beginning to think. It comes out in stange ways at first.

>From malecki you dirty traitor, communist fucking pig, to malecki-Gee i sort
of see what you mean pal and Hey,. leave the guy alone he is one of us.

I must honestly say at times i feel much more at home their then here..
Unless you people can solve this contradiction, i think you are in pretty
big fucking trouble. I think the cause of this is that a lot of things have
happened since Lenin and Trotskys time. Not the basic politics, they are the
same. But the approach of marxist to these politics. This is partially not
the fault of the far left, but the Stalinists who deformed Lenin and
Trotskies politics for their own reasons. But now that Stalinisn is dead the
politics of revolution according to Lenin and Trotsky have not really
changed that much. The problem is how to get that political line back into
the main steam of thought in the workers movement.

Here we appear to be lacking. Partially because of our small physical
presence. But also the approach and life that those who are closest to Lenin
and Trotskys line have lived in a real sense. That i think means isolation
and lots of pretenders to the throne. This has left the workers and urban
poor wide open to the influence of new traitors with the same old ideas but
in a deformed way..

I think one think that Louis is partially right about is this honest feeling
that the "Leninists" sit their and talk about all the mistakes of the
Sandinistas. This is true in a sense, but not in the way Louis thinks. He
winds up defending a line which means even more defeats. But it is this sort
of third world attitude that has led to the rise of organisations like the PCP..

Naturally there politics is just a mismash of stalinism and menshevism, but
there influence is partially our fault. While we are busy debating all this
stuff to defend the line, their are people out their starting things like
the Labor party iniative in the US.

Just another bunch of reformist nuts wanting a piece of the action , without
a program for victory..

So if the third world has and attitude, the urban poor have an atitude, the
workers have and attitude, it really won,t help to much if the marxist have
a program and it can,t be applied.

So we are going to have to start applying this program in a way that it is
understood without liquidating its content in the daily struggles. While at
the same time carry on a ruthless struggle against the reformists and the
imposters of Marx and Lenin.

This is not surpose to be a fucking thesis just some thoughts for discussion...

So i will stop their for the time being..

malecki in exile...

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