US "freedom" institutions

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Fri May 10 12:02:20 MDT 1996

At 12:51 PM 5/10/96, zodiac wrote:

>I've come across a couple of US institutions I'm not familiar with.
>They are:
>  Kennedy School of Government

Harvard University. Funded by and for the U.S. ruling class. The Kennedy
School educates public sector technocrats and policy wonks. More liberal
than a place like Georgetown, but still ruling class.
>  Freedom Forum Media Studies Center (Columbia?)

Founded with Gannett newspaper money by pig Al Neuarth, former Gannett CEO
and promoter of USA Today. Legal tussle resulted in having to shed the
Gannett name. I think the Foundation was created partly as a tax dodge -
but prestige and high capitalist ideology promotion are also
considerations. Ruling class journalists think and write here, though they
did give space to Don Guttenplan to work on his I.F. Stone bio.



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