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Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri May 10 11:48:28 MDT 1996

>On 10 May 1996, Jon Flanders wrote:
>>   I hesitate to respond to anything Malecki says because I know he has the
>> time to write 10 posts to the one or two I can manage. But since the above
>Louis: What Jon is too modest to point out is that he works 6 days a week
>as a diesel mechanic on the railroads, while his wife is also a trade
>unionist who works 6 days a week. They have 2 lovely if slightly
>rambunctious children. They both have time, however, to devote to trade
>union and political work. Robert's scatter-gun attack on everybody on this
>list includes not only Jon, but many others like him. We will never
>accomplish socialism unless we accomplish social relations between people
>who advocate socialism. I wish Robert would drink several glasses of cold
>water and throw one in his face before he sits down at the computer to
>spend his day casting people into opportunist hell. Who made him god?

Louis, i only can be what i am. Usuallly i also work, on a schema which
usually involves both day, evenings and nights. However as the welfare state
and the Labour party which John is advocating in the United States is
throwing hundreds of workers out on the dole and we have a mass unemployment
here not seen since the 30ties, i am one of those..

And the biggest reason that i am sitting in front of this computer is to
point out that these "socialists" are betraying workers like me. This in
order to jump on the European imperialist bandwagon.

I am really soory if anyone takes this personally. But John, with his two
lovely children and wife could have been in Sweden now. There family
breaking up under the pressure of both husband and wife being thrown out on
the street.

I am naturally on John,s side. But i feel that we need more then another
"reformist" party that sells out the working class.

Sorry if i offend you with my style...

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