Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri May 10 15:07:14 MDT 1996

>On Fri, 10 May 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
> "I guess i am a bit crude."
>Louis: Crudeness is belching and farting in public. That's not your
>problem. Your problem is that you have a swelled head. Your constant use
>of "Malecki" is like the royal we. The royal we is when Prince Charles
>says something like "We are used to feeding the ducks at 10 am each
>morning" when he means "I am used to feeding the ducks at 10 am each

Yeah, now i got it. We didn,t go to the same schools. Perhaps i should start
toadying, thats all right chap, his majesty malecki, and stuff like that.
But i guess i don,t have too. I mean according to you i am doing that already..

Wow louis! I really didn,t know. Tell you what. Go out to this nearest bar
and order a big whisky..Drink it! Take a deep breathe!

Then scream why doesnt malecki understand me ten times.

Maybe that will help you if you have a problem with it:)

malecki in exile...

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