Stop the damn posturing

Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri May 10 15:07:22 MDT 1996

>On Fri, 10 May 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
>> Well, i have been doing my best Louis. One thing i wasn,t doing was giving
>> uncritical support to the Sandinistas. Then i helped point out that the
>Louis: I was recruiting engineers, machinists, computer programmers to
>keep Nicaragua's infrastructure going while my country was trying to
>destroy it during the contra war. I was also organizing coalitions to stop
>contra funding. These are *actions*. You and the nameless other people you
>refer to when you say "we" did nothing but talk. Talk does not confront
>capitalism; mass action does. You talk and talk and talk. In my book this
>is called an armchair-revolutionary. It is a form of behavior that is
>typical of the intellectuals you curse at every day on this list.
But Louis, if revolution were won by just the above mention alone. Well
christ we would have a socialist world along time ago. However in a non
sectarian manner i say to you "excellent".. I am glad you did some support
work for Nicaragua. But the problem still is that there wasn,t a leadership
prepared to go all the way.

This hasn,t got anything to do with the perverbilal "armchair". It has to do
with a revolutionary leadership..

Believe me it really hurts that things went the way they did in Nicaragua.

I hope we learn from the mistakes and perhaps the next time it will go
another way..

malecki in exile...

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