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Fri May 10 18:55:01 MDT 1996

In a message dated 96-05-08 Scott MacLamee writes:
>          A question about RIM and such for those on the list who are up on
>          it.
>          Lately the  RCP  has especially been pushing the notion that  Bob
>          Avakian is a Major Leader and Thinker.  This is not as such a new
>          thing:  anyone who  ever  saw BULLETS, the "little gray book"  of
>          Chairman Bob's pity Thoughts, knows that RCP  has quite the  cult
>          of personality around  the ever-youthful Avakian  (whose official
>          portrait  seems  not  to  have  been  updated  in  a  decade  and
>          counting).

A decade??? yo, dude, that picture is from 1979! That makes, what? <17>
 years and counting!  Little Bobby A is probably fat as hell, bald as all
out (note the ever-present cap), and who knows what else.

>            But the REVOLUTIONARY WORKER and  the RCP-niks I  ran
>          into  at  the Politics of Meaning conference in Washington, DC  a
>          couple of weeks ago seemed even more gung-ho on  Bob Thought than
>          in the past.  And that is saying something.
>          Now, the question.  Is this an effort to lift Chairman Bob to the
>          level  of  Gonzalo,  given  that  G  is  not  available  to  lend
>          leadership to  the  worldwide  Maoist  movement  at  the  present
>          moment?  Do ex-RCPers on  the  list  have  any thoughts on  this?
>          I've  always  wondered  what  it  must  be  like  to  be  in   an
>          organization which took Avakian seriously as a theorist.

Hey, my guess is that when President Gonzalo was captured in 1992,
Little Bobby and entourage probably broke out the champaign.  Looking
back over his (Little B A's) theorizing over the years, it becoms pretty
clear that the main point of it all is to "prove" that the next great
is scheduled for the USA, and therefore the next great leader is scheduled
to be "Avakian in exile".   Only problem is, about the same time Little BA
went into exile (1981) there was this guy in Peru who was already leading
a People's War.  And the RCP stopped even leading demonstrations
somewhere around the mid-80s.

At the R&R! conference at the end of April, we did find the opinion among
RCPers that the revolution in Peru is no big deal, because it's really gonna
take revolution in the US to save the world from imperialism.  Kinda like,
well, these small backward countries can make a good effort, but without
our help (like right now, the rcp says the PCP needs our help to defeat
this "right opportunist line inside the PCP" which is just as big a threat
to the revolution as imperialism) they're not gonna get anywhere.

To me it's nothing more than a new twist on the "white man's burden" or
"condescending savior" line.

>          Given that about half of  the list is  now devoted to  the Maoist
>          Wars, I  hope somebody can take the time  to answer this sort  of
>          simplistic question.  To  a non-Maoist, it's pretty hard to  tell
>          the differences among  you  guys  --  maybe answering  this  will
>          provide some helpful background.
>          Thanks in advance

Hope that's at least some help.  Gina/ Detroit

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