On Adolfo's "Condensed Version of Maoist Wars"

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Fri May 10 18:55:10 MDT 1996

Hmmmm--a few weeks ago Adolfo Oleachea was making common
cause with the New Flag against the enemies of the Peruvian
revolution; now he's denouncing NF as essentially a bogus publication,
filled with plagerized articles,etc....  A few weeks ago AO said he'd
never met Luis Quispe or Marcelina Ccorimanya; now he claims to
know beyond a doubt that this is one and the same person, and
furthermore s/he is an anarchist/avakianist whose whole political
history back to 1985 is known to him!  And all this without even
claiming to have set foot in New York City, or indeed in all of North
America.  What gives here?

According to AO's scenario, this "LQ/MC" first  got close "to those
proven leaders and intellectuals who have...won the respect of all
those who see in the People's War in Peru a hope for the oppressed
peoples of the world." (like AO and LAB, presumably), and using
this connection as political capital got some "angels" to obtain a
web page and thus accumulate more political capital.

Then this "LQ/MC" after being chided for his/her bogus publication is
further chided for "unnecessary clandestinity" in this wonderful free and
democratic USA (which just passed a draconian "anti-terrorist" law
BTW).  Then any "followers" of LQ/MC are dismissed as simply afraid
to lose face by admitting to the bogus nature of their leader(s).

Then another great secret is revealed: this LQ/MC imposter is claiming,
to us  the paltry followers, in private and in secret (the great Adolfo
KNOWS these things, I guess) that s/he "is the 'supervisor' appointed
by the PCP to 'control' the 'intellectual glory seekers' Arce Borja and
Oleachea,..." etc. etc. etc.

All I can say is, Adolfo, this is bullshit! There is no truth in this
at all.  Your ego is bruised because the NF would not endorse your
World Mobilization Call "without reservations and preconditions", and
further, people around the NF have raised questions about how this
Mobilization will be structured and led.  I'd like to point out that the
PCP itself has not offered an endorsement of the WMC either.
Does that make the Party anarchist/ avakianists too?

In fact, the New Flag is the ONLY reliable source of information about
the People's War in English in the US, and probably in the world.
This is due to a lot of hard work on the part of quite a few comrades.
The PCP documents you claim were "otherwise widely available within
the Movement" in fact were NOT available widely (or even narrowly) in
the US, in English.  These documents are now available on the web
page, not due to "angels" but again to very human comrades doing a
lot of hard work, and they are available there ONLY because of the
New Flag.

ONLY the New Flag has publicly criticized RCP/CoRIM, in English,
in the US, their headquarters of operation.  ONLY the New Flag
has published the most important PCP documents in English, and
made them available on the web. ONLY the New Flag, in the past 3
years, has made available IN ENGLISH the most important articles
>from Luis Arce Borja's El Diario Internacional.  Now you're saying
this is not a service to the international proletariat and the world
revolution, but rather a crime against bourgeois intellectual property
rights, that is, plagerism?

It is ONLY because of the efforts of the New Flag that scattered
supporters of the People's War have been able to begin to coalesce,
share experience and analysis, not only about the PW but about
the necessity and possibility of building new MLM communist parties

This is the PRACTICE, in the real, material world, of those you call
"anarchist gone absolutely wild".  Mao Tsetung said in "On Practice":
"The dialectical-materialist theory of knowledge places practice in
the primary position, holding that human knowledge can in no way be
separated from practice and repudiating all the erroneous theories
which deny the importance of practice or separate knowledge from
practice."  Unfortunately, you seem to have forgotten this principle,
as your lengthy and convoluted accusations against the New Flag
are based on "knowledge" that has ablolutely nothing to do with the
actual practice of these comrades.

So someone called you "glory seeker" (while at the same time
acknowledging that you have done some excellent work, may I
remind you).  GET OVER IT ALREADY!  So not everyone has
chosen to endorse your WMC.  DEAL WITH IT.  Even endorsers
of the Call have raised questions and asked for clarification about
how it will be led, who will be included, who will not; what will
the structure be, etc. Why have you not addressed these
completely rational and legitimate questions?

You seem to be using the question of unqualified endorsement of
the WMC as a dividing line to "invent" enemies out of friends.  What
is really needed is to unite all who can be united to fight the real
enemy: imperialism and reaction in general; US imperialism and
Peruvian reaction in particular with regard to the People's War.

You can holler black vomit all you want, and get into silly
arguements over who kisses queen E's toes, but the PRACTICE
of the New Flag in building support for the most advanced
revolutionary struggle in the world today, and for the most advanced
MLM,PG communist party in the world, speaks for itself.

Gina /Detroit

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