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Fri May 10 18:58:34 MDT 1996

Hello Rahul --

I don't recall defending Quispe. I do recall pointing out all the
sanctimonious social democrats were confusing personalities with political
movements. You do exactly that. Quispe does exactly that. In that sense, you
are both about equivalent in terms of political sophistication. (You,
however, can form a coherent thought.)

But I still do not equate Quispe with the Peruvian civil war -- like it's all
some high school lunchroom melodramatics, where we "change sides"  because
"somebody said something mean about somebody." Since that is largely how you
view the world, it's not surprising you project that same interactive Melrose
Place dynamic onto myself.

That is -- Rather than seeing that I was commenting on the general hypocrisy
of your liberal buddies who live in a little fantasyland that this list was
once a Garden of Eden where everyone loved everyone -- you can only conceive
of it as some bewildering "defense" of Quispe, some individual.

Having had the issue forced into the open, and driving away all you whiners,
things did calm down enough that I was afforded an opportunity to try to
understand exactly what is going on in South America. I can sincerely say
that the study of Peru's insurgency contributed more to my understanding of
the world than did all the classroom farting of some of the people now holed
up in marxism2 -- endless wrangles about obscure writers who don't have any
affect on the world when more than 10 feet from a campus. I think Sally R.
summed it up with some comment about marxism2 being for people who think
proletariat is some kind of cheese.

However, since we are reminiscing, I do recall you making an ass of yourself
and mistakenly posting publicly what was intended to be a private message to
Lou Proyect bemoaning the fact he made a positive statement about the
Peruvian people's war -- exactly one day after you so righteously flamed some
other fool for doing exactly that.  That was a hoot.

If you think that the antics of some freaks with email accounts makes me
support you and your censorious cronies in a list that was designed from day
one to be uncensored -- 'fraid yer wrong.

Hey... You still have the duck pond and the little community of victims. Be

Meanwhile... leave me alone to conduct The Interview of the Century with
the Revolutionary Internet Inkarri. I have work to do!


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