"Hello, my name is Fred Engels, and I rule."

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Fri May 10 19:42:40 MDT 1996

>Jon Flanders recently posted a very cogent and apt excerpt from
>Engels, re: the formation of a Labor Party in the U.S.  Without
>getting into a debate on the specifics of the current LPA group,
>I just wanted to say, "Damn! Isn't Engels just amazing?!"
>I am about 50 pp. from the end of _Anti-Duhring_, and though it
>may be hard to imagine for those who haven't read it, Engel's
>polemic against this third-rate and probably delusional German
>intellectual is not only interesting from a historical perspective, but
>is actually exciting, amusing (and I mean laugh-out-loud funny),
>motivating, and just basically all-around brilliant.
>These same words apply, I'm happy to say, to just about everything
>by our good friend Mr. E. that I've had the pleasure to read.
>Some of the polemicists on this list (myself included!) would do well
>to take a closer look at Engel's methods -- and manners.
>-- Matt D.

Hi Matt:  Glad you are enjoying Anti-Duhring. It is fundamental basis of
dialectical materialist scientific outlook.  However, maybe you ought to
begin by combining study with application of Marxism and begin to address
the living issues in front of you, otherwise the knowledge remain in the
booshelf as far as the rest of us are concerned.  A Marxist must not merely
understand the issues, it must do something to transform the world
surrounding him, and that means taking sides and applying criticism
directly, mercylessly and at the right targets.  People only really learn by
living experience and by translating knowledge into action.


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