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>              Proletarians of all Countries, Unite !!
>Working People! Supporters! Comrades! Study and apply the
>following theses for understanding the international class
>struggle, and for developing the Proletarian World Revolution:
>"Our slogan: Defeat the general counter-revolutionary offensive!"
>"Defeat the converging offensive of imperialism and revisionism
>in collusion and struggle..."
>"The counter-revolutionary offensive originates from imperialism,
>revisionism and world reaction, it occurs in all levels:
>ideological, political and economic, although the political is
>"Our task: create favorable public opinion to revolution and
>unleash a profound ideological work among the masses".
>[President Gonzalo, "On Rectification Campaign with `Elections,
>No! People's War, Yes!'", Central Committee, Partido Comunista
>del Peru (PCP), Ediciones Bandera Roja, Peru, August 1991.]
>"Mariategui [the founder of the PCP] in his historical task of
>building the Communist Party, paid special attention to the
>international class struggle."  ["On the Construction of the
>Party, Central Committee of the PCP"]
>The principal trend in the world today is REVOLUTION. The
>Proletarian World Revolution is a global process, it is occurring
>now, today, in many places and in many ways. Just look the
>revolutionary storm in Peru, the seeds of People's War in Nepal,
>the struggles in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Central
>America, in the Balkans, in the Middle East and even in the nest
>of imperialist powers (USA, Russia, France, Germany) where the
>oppressed people and the proletariat rebel.  It is a global
>uneven revolutionary development. At the present time the
>vanguard front of the world revolution is the People's War in
>Peru led by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP). The People's War
>in Peru has reached the strategic equilibrium stage and prepares
>the strategic counter-offensive. This is a great victory for the
>international proletariat and for the masses of poor and
>oppressed peoples in all countries. The PCP proves in practice
>that the People's War is invincible! That the People's War is for
>Communism! That the People's Republic of Peru, today in
>formation, is the base that serves the World Proletarian
>In desperation, following futile dreams of survival, the world
>counter-revolution is carrying out a general offensive in all
>levels, in all fronts: in the ideological, political and economic
>fronts. This counter-revolutionary offensive is organized,
>prepared and executed mainly by Yankee imperialism, in collusion
>and friction with revisionists worldwide, in the U.S. and at
>present the Yankee revisionists (counter-revolutionary agents
>disguised as `radical leftists'), and all kinds of reactionaries
>in all countries.
>President Gonzalo teaches us:
>"To uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is decisive
>for developing the Proletarian World Revolution, demolish
>imperialism and international reaction, and crush revisionism" .
>In addition, he clearly indicated:
>"Why uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,
>principally Maoism? to develop the Proletarian World Revolution".
>Apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism! and crush all
>kinds of counter-revolutionary deceptions and attacks. Remember,
>how our people defeated the reactionary call for "peace
>negotiations" of the People's War, a great lesson for
>revolutionaries everywhere. It is completely defeated!  This
>glorious victory was achieved by the armed masses of Peru that
>rocked even more the old Peruvian State. Abroad, the Red fraction
>of the Peru People's Movement (MPP), regardless the collusion of
>mercenary revisionists in various countries (Mexico, France, the
>USA, England, Belgium, Sweden etc.) with imperialists, chiefly
>Yankee imperialists, defeated the traitorous campaign of
>capitulation under the guise of "peace talks". Everyone should
>not ignore that some mercenary revisionists, chiefly Yankee
>revisionists, played a double game such as the leaders of the
>RCP. MIM "suspended" its support without even having started!
>MIM's claim that they "suspended" its support to the Peruvian
>Revolution because the individual of London told them to so, is a
>smokescreen to hide its revisionist line. MIM follower of Linpiao
>and Trotsky, a decadent expression of Yankee revisionism!
>The RCP attempted to fool international public opinion by
>presenting themselves as "defending the life of Doctor Abimael
>Guzman" while simultaneously distributing propaganda in favor of
>the reactionary call for "peace negotiations." This propaganda
>includes the "peace letters" and the infamous essay "Take up and
>fight for a new decision and new definition: peace accord"
>prepared by the CIA and the genocidal Fujimori government with
>the collaboration of capitulators inside and outside the prisons,
>and abroad attempting to combat the Central Committee from a
>right opportunist line. The capitulators were purged in the CC
>Plenum of February 1994. Does it mean that revisionist positions
>does not exist anylonger in the Communist Party of Peru? No.
>There is no pure Party. To sustain that this dark event of the
>People's War is purely a police operation ignoring the
>political, ideological and military struggle against the
>"pacifist line" inoculated in the masses by the government and
>its fifth column, is right opportunism of the worst kind.
>The PCP uphold the universal law of Maoism that one divides into
>two. In the "Interview to President Gonzalo, Ediciones Bandera
>Roja, 1989, pg. 9] he said: "On the Marxist philosophy no one can
>deny the great development of dialectics, principally the Law of
>Contradiction."  Mao's Talks on Philosophy [August 18, 1964]
>stated: "Engel talks about the 3 categories...I don't believe in
>two of these categories...The most basic thing is the unity of
>opposites." It means the unity and struggle of opposite, with
>unity being temporary and struggle being absolute.
>Some individuals in Europe use the fight against the opportunists
>of Co-RIM as a Trojan horse to advance individualistic ideas that
>are nothing more than revisionist trash. Others follow the Co-RIM
>to sustain that the two line struggle undertaking by the Party
>amongst the masses in the midst of the armed struggle is
>principally the issue of "peace talks" and not the Conquest of
>Power and the smashing of imperialism and the genocidal regime.
>That's also right opportunism. Both are the two sides of the same
>coin that must be combated based on the principle of Unity-
>The Marxist position is to follow the position of the Central
>Committee of the PCP established in the International Line
>(1988), the International Directive to the MPPs (1993), the Bases
>of Party Unity (Feb. 1994), "Instructions" and the Directive of
>January 1995.
>The Yankee revisionists, in special those infiltrated in the
>leadership of MIM and the RCP-USA, believed that they could fool
>people; these mercenaries believed that the masses of poor and
>oppressed people are easy to deceive. They believed that they
>could actively promote "peace negotiations", presenting President
>Gonzalo as a traitor capitulating, and distributing counter-
>revolutionary propaganda, all under the phony cover of
>"investigating", upholding the bourgeois sophistry of "peace
>negotiations are not always bad", and manipulating "defend the
>life of Dr. Guzman" for their own selfish interests (collecting
>money, showing off as "radical revolutionaries") and thus
>trafficking with the revolutionary feelings of the masses. Well,
>they are wrong, they never believed that conscious supporters of
>the People's War and sincere Maoists in the world would be
>capable to expose and defeat such criminal lies against the
>people. Actual developments prove that the masses increasingly
>have the ideological foundations to crush imperialist and
>revisionists attacks, and also that people, mainly the poor
>people, have the guts to do so.
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