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In response to what Malecki wrote...

>The problem is not whether one has to start out with something in the United

>States today or not. In fact there is a possibility of a labor party
>developing. But then their is also the possibility of it not developing. A
>bolshevik party could find itself at the head of the working class uppsurge.

>Was there a Labor party in Russia?

   Just because there is a possability of it not developing does not mean we
should not fight for it at all.
   Was there not a Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP) previous to
the Bolshevik and Menshevik split?

>It is just that the reformists are trying to build a peaceway to socialism.
>The problem is it doesnt work! So why not a Bolshevik party instead?

  You know it's not that simple.  We must have a solid base of an organized
proletariat before we can conceive of revolution.  The workers in the US are
not yet willing to rally behind a mass revolutionary party yet.

>Naturally Bolsheviks have nothing against workers or the poor learning by
>experience. The point is we have a reformist leadership in the making who
>will betray the workers. It is almost like a stage theroy of building the
>party. First we will put the workers all in class and then step for step we
>will move forward together.No the class can not as a whole have a communist
>coniousness. It will be the Vanguard of the proletariat under the leadership

>of the party.

   If the class as a whole cannot have a communist conscienceness (which I
find is a reasonable statement) then what kind of conscienceness should the
class as a whole have?  Class conscienceness.  In order to acheive the most
essential step of becoming a revolutionary proletariat one must be aware of
their class motives.  This can most effectively be attained through a mass
labor party.  This labor party will not necessarily be as advanced as the
vanguard party, but it must be a progressive working class party. That is why
we must fight to keep the LPA from becoming a cheerleader for the democrats.

   You say that it is a reformist party in the making.  You can not wait for
the perfect party to come around.  It will never happen.  You have to fight
to form a real working class party.  It is a fact that in June there will be
an official labor party.  Let's work to make it a real party for the working
   And even if the LPA creates a reformist, democratic fan club organization
not all is lost.  When the reformist party turns out to be a loss for the
workers, and it will if it is reformist, then the workers will at least
realize that the socialists were fighting along side them and not waiting on
the sidelines.  They will also see that the socialist were warning them and
fighting against the reformism of the labor party. No, we do not support
reformism, we support socialism.  This is what the workers will remember.
    We must also fight There cannot be an effective vanguard without an
organized working class.

            ---Mike Dean

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