Higher wages: bad for Wall Street, good for Main Street

Joseph Koenigsman jokoe at minot.com
Sat May 11 02:14:08 MDT 1996

From: Joe Koenigsman [jokoe at minot.com], North Dakota

Hi Boddhisatva,

  They ought to give you an award for the "best comment of the year."

  In fact, I think it's the best comment I've heard in my 62 years! If
you ever consider running for any political office, count on me for a
donation. As far as I'm concerned, the minimum wage should be at $15 per
hour. It's time people realized that prosparity in a country, is gained
by assuring, that the lowest paid workers will earn enough to pay for
food and rent, instead of kissing up to callous right wing business

>You said to Brian Carnell,
>"I guess a higher minimum wage could never weed out poorly performing
>low wage industries, huh?  I suppose the best thing for this economy is
>to have people investing in low value-added capitals, right? If you
>want to give these "entrepreneurs" a blowjob, don't keep trying to
>impress them, just call them up ..........peace."

I think Carnell should follow your "subtle" suggestion!

                    In Comradship, jokoe at minot.com

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