Characteristics of slums - urban poor?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat May 11 03:37:30 MDT 1996

Hugh writes..
>I sympathize with Zeynep saying 'We *are* the criminals', and with Robert's
>emphasis on 'lumpen rage', but this isn't the point. The same way as people
>like stable prices, they like order. Even where petty crime is a way of
>life forced on everybody by the system, people still recognize who's decent
>and who's scum. They also recognize who's a cop and who's not. Christ, even
>a rich lady or two working for homeless kids in Rio get to open schools and
>move around unmolested in the favelas cos they understand why the dealers
>deal and let them be. How much easier for revolutionaries focusing on even
>deeper needs and fighting the real enemies of the poor, and not just easing
>some symptoms.

Now, the last bit is a bit strange for me. I really don,t think its a
question of easy the symptoms. But getting the urban poor to understand the
situation and moving in the right direction. Living in squallor is real. The
point of revolutionary intervention is not to ease the symptoms, but to
mobilise this force against their real enemies and recruit the most militant
to the party of revolution. We have to break the cops and robbers mentality
with a get the guys and girls who are really responsible for what is going on..

I think the panthers understood this cops and robbers stuff and did try to
transend it

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