Something special in Moscow on May Day

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat May 11 04:22:08 MDT 1996

>Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:
>> The  old apologist for the Soviet bureaucracy, Mike Davidow continues
>> to misrepresent the true nature of Ziuganov's CPRF, its openly
>> opportunist political course in support of capitalist restoration in
>> Russia that splits and further demoralizes Russian workers.<cut>
>> There should be no illusion about the results of Ziuganov's possible
>> victory. It is certainly preferable to that of Eltsyn. But it will not
>> entail a turn to  a socialist path of development.
>> I hope my comments are not really  necessary and the majority of the
>> list need no help to see through Davidow's disinformation.
>I hope this too, but thanks anyway.
>Could you give us some information on the Russian left?

I agree. It would be great to here frtom people in Russia. Please step
forward and lets us share your experiences..

malecki in exile

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