Stop the damn posturing

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Sat May 11 04:36:38 MDT 1996

>>>On Fri, 10 May 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
>>>> Well, i have been doing my best Louis. One thing i wasn,t doing was giving
>>>> uncritical support to the Sandinistas. Then i helped point out that the
>>>Louis: I was recruiting engineers, machinists, computer programmers to
>>>keep Nicaragua's infrastructure going while my country was trying to
>>>destroy it during the contra war. I was also organizing coalitions to stop
>>>contra funding. These are *actions*. You and the nameless other people you
>>>refer to when you say "we" did nothing but talk. Talk does not confront
>>>capitalism; mass action does. You talk and talk and talk. In my book this
>>>is called an armchair-revolutionary. It is a form of behavior that is
>>>typical of the intellectuals you curse at every day on this list.
>>Let me endorse your feelings, Mr. Proyect, if you don't mind.  A People's
>>Republic in Peru, or for that matter anywhere in the world could certainly
>>do better with friend like you - despite all ideological differences - than
>>with one hundred maleckis.  The fighting in a people's war takes many
>>aspects, from talking, writing, battling, to engineering and applied
>>technical expertise, from the ideo-political to the military, to the
>>industrial and agricultural, etc.  But all of them require men of action and
>>not just words.
>Wow, Louis and Aldolfo. What a combination. I think Ginas right Aldolfo. You
>are losing it over a bruised ego..
>malecki in exile..

You see, maleckis we have plenty in Peru already, most of them sitting in
Fujimori's phoney parliament or in the "United Left" trostko-anarchist
fringe of people with no sense of honour and who can confuse ego with
defence of justice and reason. If you are not a thief and a liar, how can
you allow an anonymous slanderer to get away with it and still call yourself
a Marxist?  Only a self-confessed red pimp can call denouncing that as
having a bruised ego.

A problem with an impostor is not a matter of ego mr. malecki, the
revolution is not as frivoulous as your life in Sweden or comments in
Internet, it is a matter of life and death to know your real friends from
your enemies. We know you are an enemy, since you so proclaim yourself. It
is the false pretenders which were after, and that is not out of ego, but
revolutionary sense of duty. If you cannot tell the difference, who am I to
succeed wher people with more patience have evidently failed to illuminate

So maleckis are not in demand, as even in New York we have a good sample
which is more than enough to last for a life time.  Common sense, however,
is always in short supply.  The chances of malecki ever leaving his poltroon
for anything practical that may compromise his "proletarian bandit"'s purity
of essence is rather remote.  So with this last one Malecki, goodby and keep
your comments to yourself if you do not have anything useful to do or say.
Thanks anyway for dropping the penny last time.


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