Aldolfo *last* letter..

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat May 11 10:01:39 MDT 1996

Hi Aldolfo,

Say what you want. But the red flag has got you on the run. Although i do
not agree with the red flag and Luis, he appears fairly serious in deed and
not word. I think that the red flag is a good example of deed. Despite my
deferences they are trying to defend the Peruvians on the ground.

What it really comes down to Aldolfo is this. You and your lunatic friend
Marten and some of the other European Maoists have a bit of a little
European brother attitude to the Red Flag people. The ruins of the European
maoist movement appear futher down the road then its American component.

You are desperate and trying to gain the iniative again, like the good old
times. But those times are over. Maoisism as a political force in Europe is
dead.And you Aldolfo are just part of the corpse! Articulate and clever my
friend. But it is like a impodent beast raving to the world and nobody is
really hearing it. The "mass" maoist movement has moved on to the greens and
their careers and you have been left holding the shoestrings. This is your
last desperate hope of being anything again.

This whole fight is instigated not on politics but jealousy and little
brother complexes of European Maoism on the fall!

But you put your cards on the wrong horse and it looks like you lost.

The battle with maoism will continue my friend. But i think your days are
numbered. Other then perhaps ravings on the net. The conditions that
European maoism grew out of no longer exist my friend. And all your
screaming about Peru can not help you in your death gnall..

I hope that the Fujimora regime is smashed. But without  Lenist parties in
many countries in the world the heroic efforts on the ground by thr Peruvian
militants will end in failure. Only a world party of Leninists with a
program of proletarian revolution can save the day. But you appear to be
going down with the European sinking ship along with your friend Martens in
more and more bisarr political forms Aldolfo.

Luis and the red flag and i have our differnces. But these people appear to
be able to see the difference between a proletarian fighter like myself and
you Aldolfo. We will fight our battles because their are very big
differences Aldolfo. But you my friend i am afraid have gone over the edge
with Martens.

malecki in exile...

PS: Aldolfo, your only real chance now is to join the Leninists in Europe.
Ask Hugh. he can give you some addresses. I am sure there are people in
England who can help with a little reprograming.. Perhaps then you can
become a part of main stream politics again. The future lies with us. The
trotskyists live and thrive. The maoist in Europe are dead...But for your
friend Martens there is no hope i,m afraid..

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