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Sat May 11 15:25:31 MDT 1996

An interesting thought from Robert M:

>For some reason this NATO stuff is really bothering me. The whole movement
>to extend NATO in east europe is naturally to get a military handle on the
>former Soviet union.
>But, what i was thinging is why isn,t there a peace movement around this
>stuff. It must be in the interests of the working class that stopping such a
>development is fairly important..Just wondering.

The reason of course must be that the peace movement was initiated and
encouraged by world Stalinism as diplomatic support for its
class-collaboration policy of peaceful coexistence. A decoy into a
counter-revolutionary dead end.

No Stalinism - no peace movement!

One less single issue for the tailenders of the revolutionary left to chase

Without Stalinism luring its captive worker voting base to more radical
positions, international Social Democracy is careering to the right away
>from its traditional (hypocritically) split position on militarism to an
openly pro-military line.

The German Greens and lefts are very militant against nuclear power and
militarism. Maybe this is the beginning of a new kind of anti-war movement.



PS What was it Peter Tosh sang?

        I don't want no peace
        I need equal rights and justice

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