Higher wages: bad for Wall Street, good for Main Street

Brian Carnell briand at carnell.com
Sat May 11 21:59:32 MDT 1996

On Sat, 11 May 1996 03:14:08 -0500, Joseph Koenigsman
<jokoe at minot.com> wrote:

>  In fact, I think it's the best comment I've heard in my 62 years! If
>you ever consider running for any political office, count on me for a
>donation. As far as I'm concerned, the minimum wage should be at $15 per

And, of course, as a Marxist you will be happy at the high
unemployment this would cause?

>It's time people realized that prosparity in a country, is gained
>by assuring, that the lowest paid workers will earn enough to pay for
>food and rent, instead of kissing up to callous right wing business
>>You said to Brian Carnell,
>> If you
>>want to give these "entrepreneurs" a blowjob, don't keep trying to
>>impress them, just call them up ..........peace."
>I think Carnell should follow your "subtle" suggestion!

Does this have something to do with the thread on homosexuality that
was active recently?


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