Higher wages: bad for Wall Street, good for Main Street

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Sun May 12 03:23:31 MDT 1996

Jokoe wrote against Brian C:

>  As for my accolade, of Rodwell's comment that, "If you want to give
>these "entrepreneurs" a blowjob, don't keep trying to impress them, just
>call them up"; I still think it was a proper remark for individuals of
>your thinking process.
>  To my comment "that you should follow Rodwell's "subtle" suggestion,"
>you answer with question, "Does this have something to do with the
>thread on homosexuality that was active recently?"


>  No Brian, Rodwell's comment to you had nothing to do with the recent
>thread on homosexuality. It was a pointed remark, aimed directly at you,
>and wasn't meant to insult individuals, with different orientations, by
>categorizing them with you.

Credit where credit's due, Joe. The comment wasn't mine. I think it was
BodySat's, but I haven't got the posting any more.

I would have been more likely to talk about arse-licking, if I'd wanted to
suggest that Brian is not just using his mouth to talk up exploiters but
also to give them more concrete pleasure. Same difference, really. Matter
of taste, so to speak...

Marx unearths a gem in Capital I ch 27 (Expropriation of Agricultural
Population), where in note on William of Orange (William III of England) he
tells us:

        On the private moral character of this bourgeois hero, among other
        things: 'The large grant of lands in Ireland to Lady Orkney, in
1695, is
        a public instance of the king's affection and the lady's influence ...
        Lady Orkney's endearing offices are supposed to have been -- foeda
        labiorum ministeria [loathsome lip services]' (Sloane Manuscript
        Collection, British Museum, No 4224).

Just shows how well sucking up to the powerful can pay off.



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