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> When I hear your crap about, not raising the minimum
>wage, I get really sick! And, it's a
>primary reason why I'm a Marxist!
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>P.S. Every "right winger," who fights against raising the minimum wage
>for workers, should be arrested, and sentenced to work for a year in a
>beef rendering plant, for minimum wage. They might gain an
>understanding about the value of work, and the need for decent wages.

DAMN STRAIGHT!  Thanks to jokoe for reminding us that every single
thing we take for granted comes from the labor of human beings, who
have the same basic needs as the hot shots who heap scorn on the
ones who do their shit work.  And don't forget the women from Colombia,
Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Jamaica, Northern Ireland, and many
other parts of the world, who slave away in the kitchens of the rich and
famous, often for little more than room and board, especially if they lack
proper documentation.

These women are not only exploited doing the shit work, they're
often very isolated, cut off from others by being stuck in the stuck-up
suburbs with little contact with people from their own background,
sometimes no opportunity to learn the language of the community
they live in because their boss speaks Spanish (I met such a woman
at Christmas, 19 years old and extremely homesick for her country
and her people, feeling very trapped because in two years here she
has not learned much English, since her boss speaks to her only in

The dictatorship of the proletariat means that this is the class of people
who become the rulers of society, who transform by their own creativity
and muscle the very foundations of economic, social and political life,
to reflect the actual reality:  everything we eat, everything we use in
our daily life, and everything that is used to create those items is itself
the product of the collective labor of dozens, hundreds, even millions of
exploited toilers, living and dead, no matter how easy it is to forget that
fact when all we see is the bright-colored package in the well-lit store.


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