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Sun May 12 22:25:25 MDT 1996

On Sun, 12 May 1996, Zeynep Tufekcioglu <zeynept at turk.net> wrote:
>Doug wrote:
>>At 1:51 AM 5/12/96, Luis Quispe wrote:
>>>                 ON THE PERSONALITY CULT
>>>[From the "Interview to President Gonzalo", Central Committee of
>>>the Communist Party of Peru, 1989. Ediciones Bandera Roja, p. 33.
>>>English version pp. 21-22]
>>>The cult of personality is a revisionist formulation.
>>Leave it to Chairman Gonzalo, speaking ex cathedra, to set us all
straight on this one.
>Did you think Chairman Gonzalo was denouncing personality cult as a
>revisionist formulation?
>If so, reread the whole quote. I think he means that those raising the
issue of personality cult are revisionists, because they negate leadership.
(oops, not leadership, Leadership. Or maybe LEADERSHIP).
>>We have been acting in accordance with Lenin's view, which is
>>correct. The cult of personality is a revisionist formulation.
>>Lenin had warned us of the problem of negating leadership just as
>>he emphasized the need for our class, the Party and the
>>revolution to promote our own leaders, and more than that, top
>>leaders, and a Leadership.
>Actually, I've decided a bit of personality cult isn't that bad.
>No, better yet;
>  Z   E      Y Y   N N  N  E     P  P
> Z    EEE     Y    N  N N  EEE   PPPP
>Z     E       Y    N   NN  E     P
>ZZZ   EEEE    Y    N    N  EEEE  P

You are right, Comrade Zeynep.  I reread it and you are correct.  I
think the person posting the original quote thought that it proved
some point of theirs, but they only dropped a stone on their foot.

I think I like you Zeynep.  You are good.

Jay Miles / Detroit

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