The theory of labor value and the particular industry

boddhisatva kbevans at
Mon May 13 00:55:24 MDT 1996

		Comrade Lin,

	My comparison of Coke and orange juice shows that your theory of
intrinsic value regulating cost is untrue.  Coke costs almost nothing to
produce, while orange juice is very expensive.  They are two different
technologies meeting much the same need, requiring hugely different amounts
of labor to produce them.  The cups that a Coca-Cola comes in ata a fast food
are much more expensive than the drink itself.

	Even comparing Coke and Pepsi, Coke still sells more with almost the
same costs of production.  You cannot generalize with teh term "social
average" until it is meaningless.  If people like a particular product
better, they make that product worth more whatever the labor requirements of
teh competeing product.


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