Russian Economic Reform

David Johnson djohnson at
Mon May 13 11:30:50 MDT 1996

I am a relatively recent reader of this newsgroup so I do not know
what kind of messaging may have taken place earlier on this subject. I
would be very interested to hear from people who have been following
developments in Russia in the post-1991 period. We have been through
the Gaidar "shock therapy" phase, Chubais' version of privatization,
Chernomyrdin's "middle of the road" compromise, etc. Has all of this
been as disastrous as it looks? Was there an alternative approach
(e.g., the Chinese model)? What seem to be the competing possibilities
today for what to do about reviving the economy? Will the presidential
election make any difference and what are the likely consequences of
the election for economic policy? Who are the experts (or at least
interesting observers) on this subject? Any thoughts are most
welcome. And guidance to written materials.

David Johnson
Center for Defense Information
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