Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon May 13 21:33:06 MDT 1996

>>          "The  class  is always the  class, something the  petty bourgeois
>>          intellectuals will never fully understand."
>>                     -- Adolfo Olaechea
>>          And yet let them try to deny it.
>Ah Mc Leemee:  They certainly do!  Most of the deniers are generally bogus
>Maoists too, and we are finding quite a few already.  People that do not
>understand that for any attempt at revolution we need an army of disciplined
>fighters, be it with guns or with pens, instead of a disorganised band of
>anarchists shooting in all directions and generally hiting themselves in the
>Whatever you may also be, at least you seem to actually know what
>organisation means, and that I respect.
>Adolfo Olaechea
Hi list,

I think what Aldolfo means here is that he is the leader and the rest better
step in line. Because if you don,t you are some sort of snake, cockroach or

malecki in exile...

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