Higher wages: bad for Wall Street, good for Main Street

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Mon May 13 22:01:11 MDT 1996

Comrade Brian wrote, in response to socialists in general;

>Even you must realize that it is extremely cruel to raise the minimum
>wage without at the same time guaranteeing a job for everyone who
>seeks one,

  Wait a minute!  You mean that we should fight for a system that provides
full employment?  Good idea!

>otherwise the market responds to the increase in wages by
>reducing total employment over time (of course the Republican horror
>stories didn't come true, because they were exagerrated.  But it is
>clear that more people would be employed in New Jersey today than they
>would have if the minimum wage had remained the same as it was years

   That's capitalism for ya!

  With solidarity,
           ---Mike Dean

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