Malecki, You Poor Misguided Lumpen Fool

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Tue May 14 12:18:32 MDT 1996

From: Joe Koenigsman [jokoe at], North Dakota

On May 14, 1996, regarding Malecki's assumption that Caroll Cox was
female, Louis R. Godena wrote:
>Malecki, You Poor Misguided Lumpen Fool, You are suffering a case of
>severe genital confusion; Carrol cox is a man, at least most of the
>time. I did see him once in drag, however.  At Benders in South
>Chicago. I thought at the time that Jack Kevorkian and Annie Lennox had
>had a kid!
>I suggest that, from now on, you send your messages through Professor
>Muddle and his Gender Proofreader (NEC 23) at Columbia. S/he should be
>able to clear up any confusion.
>Now I know why you were "exiled"!.........Louis Godena
Comments made by Louis Godena to Robert Malecki really confuse me. So,
I'm asking Louis the following questions. I'd hope he, or she, could
give some answers. How about it Louis?

1]  Why are you so angry with Robert Malecki?

2]  What does "Lumpen" mean?

3]  Are these comments your own or, are they just a product, of someone
else's attitudes?

4]  What is the purpose for your post on May 14, 1996?

5]  Do you really know why Malecki lives in Sweden?

6]  Does it really make a difference whether Malecki made an error,
or not regarding Carrol Cox's gender?

7]  How would Robert Malecki know the gender, of a person who goes by
the name of Carrol Cox?

8]  Is there really such a thing as a "Gender Proofreader"?

9]  Other than opening his veins, what should Malecki do to gain your

10]  Do you know what John Wayne's real name was?

11]  Have you ever heard the red-neck song, "Sue" - "My name is Sue,
How Do You Do"?

12]  In what area of show business, did Carrol O'Connor gain her
acting fame?

13]  Was Francis of Xavier a priest, or was she a nun?

14]  Why should a Marxists remember Marie MacMahon? What did he, or
she do that impacted on the socialistic idea of communes?

15]  Did you really go to see a drag queen at Benders in South Chicago?

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