Godena eating Mesquitos! More on Humor.

Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Tue May 14 20:32:15 MDT 1996

    Ah, come on Rahul; part of having what is called a "sense of humor" is
learning to tolerate the humorless. Of course, the problem is that with
those who have that old time (allegedly "Marxist") religion it really is
difficult to know when they are joking (if they ever do). Remember, when
I first read some of the material from Adolfo (I think it was) a couple
of months ago, I seriously considered it might be a hoax or a spoof.

    The internet (at present), and particularly the marxism l*st, is
primarily entertainment or recreation (even communists and/or Communists
have a right to fool around, in whatever comic, pompous, or even hysterical
mode they find suits them best.

    I'm just rambling now. I got my grades in today, and at the every
end of every semester my depression (plus panic attacks and anxiety) kicks
in to high gear regardless of anti-depressants. So I'm gradually coming
back to earth.

    But, even while seeing it as primarily recreation, I have learned, amaam
learning quite a bit off and on on this l*st--I just think the learning
is more apt to happen if all one asks for is entertainment.

    Anyhow, being brain-dead is probably one of the human rights we
should defend. And sometimes, even, the brain-dead recover.

> >Dear Louis,
> >
> >We have a saying here in Sweden which says that certain people eat mesquitos
> >while missing the elephants. This is your problem.
> >
> >malecki in exile...
> >
> Why has this list suddenly become infested with people who don't recognize
> sarcasm when it hits them over the head? Even Louis G, devotee of Gonzalo
> Thought, understands at least in general terms about the existence of
> humor. I'm just about sick of the List of the Living Brain-Dead.
> I suppose it says something for the list that we have humorless Stalinists,
> Maoists, and Trotskyists. What exactly that is, though, is beyond me.
> Rahul
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