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   "Has the Second International really ceased to exist?  This is
   being stubbornly denied by its most authoritative representatives,
   like Kautsky and Vandervelde.  Their point of view is that, save
   for the rupture of relations, nothing has really happened; all is
   quite well."

             Lenin, Opportunism & Collapse of Second Int'l (1916)

When Marx and Engels joined the League of Communists in 1847, its old logo
of "All Men are Brothers" was abandoned in favor of "Workers of All
Countries, Unite!"

In distinguishing Communists from others in the working class movement, they
first of emphasized that "in the national struggles of the proletarians of
the different countries, [Communists] point out and bring to the front the
common interests of the entire proletariat, independently of all nationality".

Its necessary concomitant is the firm grounding of revolutionary struggle in
the soil of one's own homeland: "...the struggle of the proletariat with the
bourgeoisie is at first a national struggle.  The proletariat of each
country must, of course, first of all settle matters with its own
Thus, there was no dichotomy in workers struggling in the international
arena striving for, say, "the establishment of a Polish nation," if it were
to weaken the bourgeoisie in their own nation.  Marx, working for the
independence of Ireland, saw it as a stimulus to social revolution in England.

Lenin, and increasingly after 1918, empasized the need for "a union between
revolutionary proletarians of the capitalist, advanced countries, and the
revolutionary masses of those countries where there is no or hardly any
proletariat."  He further insisted:

         "[The] interests of the proletarian struggle in any one country
          should be subordinated to the interests of that struggle ON A
          WORLD WIDE SCALE, and, second, that a nation that is achieving
          victory over the bourgeoisie SHOULD BE ABLE AND WILLING TO MAKE
          THE GREATEST NATIONAL SACRIFICES for the overthrow of
          international capital. [my emphasis]

This latter remark is often overlooked by the luminaries of Co-RIM and their
supporters who, headquartered amid the comfortable peace and quiet of the
imperialist nations, remain quaintly innocent of any prospect of "achieving
victory over the bourgeoisie'; indeed, they are in no little danger of
becoming pale reflections of the bourgeoisie itself.

In fact, the Co-RIM, full of self-congratulatory bombast on the occasion of
its tenth anniversary, is conspicuously silent on the morbid subject of
"first of all settling matters" with its "own bourgeoisie."

On the contrary, the shadowy "leader" of this "revolutionary" outfit has
repeatedly declared that our age--of whom he is the self-styled titular
revolutionary head and chief guru--is one of unredeemable counterrevolution
and reaction.  And he utters this profound truism from the pulpits of the
very countries where he and his cohorts have chosen to ensconce themselves.
So Mr Avakian, far from "first settling matters" with the capitalist rulers
of his "own" pedigree (and indeed with whom he is linked by blood and
visceral sympathy), opts to leave his country altogether--on the shabbiest
of pretexts--and instead exhort from his privileged pedastal lesser lights
to carry on the revolution without him, though of course with his blessing and

If this is not turning Lenin and Marx on their heads, I truly do not know
what is.

But while Mr Avakian and the leading lights of the Co-RIM have not yet
finished with their rendering asunder of the Leninist credo, many of their
"opponents" in Europe and America have gone them one better.  Turning inside
out Lenin's dictum that the "interests" of the "proletarian struggle" in any
single country must not take precedence over the "interests" of that
struggle "ON A WORLD WIDE SCALE",  they continue to empty the chamber pots
and bed-pans of the Avakianist regime, all the while pleading that the acts
of treachery committed by Co-RIM are insignificant because the PCP (against
whom those acts were committed in the most vile and underhanded manner)
signed a proclamation (with serious reservations) more than a DECADE ago!

This is an outright defiling of a basic Leninist precept; to sacrifice the
world revolution in the name of a document provisionally signed eleven years
ago by one Communist Party in one country!   They ignore not only Lenin
("The interests of the proletarian struggle in any one country should be
subordinated to the interests of that struggle on a world wide scale"), but
the very motto of the world Communist movement: "Proletarians of all
Countries, Unite!"

By remaining silent or, even worse, offering insouciant and lame-brained
excuses for the perfidy of a rotted opportunist leadership ("the PCP
supports the Co-RIM"--a demonstrably false axiom that was proven so by
Adolfo Oleachea and Luis Arce in the fall of 1994), they are proving that
they, too, are eager and willing to feed at the trough of the People's War,
sloshing around without shame in the mud and excreta next to Avakian & Co.

Should they be treated differently for "subordinating" the "struggle on a
world wide scale" to the interests of a tiny clique who have renounced the
struggles in their own individual countries to enjoy a safely soporific
existence in exile?

"Nothing has changed, all is quite well"; this Kautskyian denial of the very
essence of class struggle fits Avakian and Co. like a custom-fitted glove.

Their refrains ring hollow within the world working class movement from
which they are increasingly isolated and from whom they receive only
scornful derision.

The attacks on the proletarian organizations like the Stalin Society (many
of whose members gave everything they had in the struggle for our class),
and the Indian Workers Association (among others), their brazen slandering
of El Diario International and Luis Arce Borja (who conducted the famous
interview in 1988 with President Gonzalo and off whose back their surrogates
in the US continued to profit as recently as 1993), their campaign of lies
and death threats against Adolfo Oleachea (who has literally given his life
and treasure to the revolution), all have exposed without equivocation the
nature of the C0-RIM and its disciples and imitators in Europe and the US.

Those who engage in this kinds of lumpen or bonapartist behavior are
unworthy of the support of revolutionaries.  They are unworthy of the
sacrifices being made by the millions in Peru and elsewhere.  Individuals
like "Qusipe" have discredited the work done by collectively thousands of
people.  They have subordinated the good of the movement to the venting of
visceral prejudices and worse.  They have engaged in behavior that has
endangered not only themselves and their Peruvian comrades, but many others
as well.  They have spread demoralization and disarray throughout the
movement.  They will receive no further support from me.

There is a great need for a reorganization of support work, in re Peru and
elsewhere, along Leninist lines.  Where the interests of world communism are
not subordinated to the parochial whims and personal ambitions of a
severaled clique or omnipotent cult.  This has to be undertaken without
delay. I believe the Call for the World Mobilization Commission, issued by
Crdes Oleachea and Arce Borja (and supported by a growing number of
organizations worldwide) is a step in that direction.   I reiterate my
support for it now.

On Sunday, May 17, the Partido Comunista de Peru and their millions of
supporters worldwide will celebrate 16 years of armed struggle on behalf of
not only the toiling masses of Peru, but for the international working class
in its entirety.  My support for that struggle remains unstinting.

I support the People's War in Peru as a worker, as a trade unionist and
communist, someone who sees that struggle as part--though only a part--of
the world communist revolution.

Some months ago, I posted a thread to this list concerning Lenin's pamphlet
on Marx and the Paris Commune.  Scathingly dismissing the armchair
"revolutionary" and Right-Wing Social Democrat Plekhanov, Lenin was
particularly scornful of this worthy's hollow entreaty to the 1905 Russian
revolutionaries: "They should not have taken to arms."  Lenin pointed out
that fully six months before the Paris Commune, Marx himself pointed out to
the French workers that an insurrection would be AN ACT OF DESPERATE FOLLY
[original emphasis]: Marx "was able to say, NOT AFTER THE EVENT, but many
months before: 'Don't take up arms.'"  Lenin goes on to outline the
important difference between the "lifeless, soulless pedantic" [Plekhanov]
and the profound thinker in whose tradition Lenin labored:

       "And how did [Marx] behave when this HOPELESS cause...began to
        take practical shape in March 1871?...Did he preach to the
        Communards, as Plekhanov did to the December [1905] fighters,
        the sermon of the smug philistine: 'You should not have taken
        up arms'?

        No...when [Marx] saw the mass movement of the people, he watched
        it with the keen attention of a participant in great events
        marking a step forward in the historic revolutionary movement.

        This is an ATTEMPT, he says to smash the bureaucratic military
        machine, and not simply to transfer it to different hands...And
        he has words of the highest praise for the 'HEROIC' Paris workers
        ...'What elasticity,' he writes, 'what historical initiative,
        what a capacity for sacrifice in these Parisians..History has no
        like example of a like greatness.'

        ...The HISTORICAL INITIATIVE of the masses was what Marx prized
        above everything else.

        Compare the homage paid to the HISTORICAL INITIATIVE of the
        masses by a profound thinker...and the lifeless soulless pedantic:
        'They should not have taken up arms'!  Are these not as far apart
        as heaven and earth?"

It is in the spirit of Lenin's essay on the Paris Commune that I support the
People's War, not because this struggle is folly, but precisely because of
the HISTORICAL INITIATIVE of the Peruvian masses as part of the world
communist revolution; a determined attempt to "smash" the "bureaucratic" and
corrupt Peruvian state, "and not simply" to "transfer it to different
hands," as the cacophonous and clamoring "Plekhanovs" huddled around the old
regime would have them do.  "Elasticity" indeed!  The resilliance of the
Peruvian masses is boundless.  "What capacity for sacrifice"!  Has there
been a people in recent history who have suffered with such heroic
determination all the horrors a murderous bureaucratic state and foreign
imperialism could rain upon them and still fashion victory after victory
against this relentless foe?

It is in this spirit, the revolutionary movement of humankind against an
inexorably powerful but doomed enemy, that I urge all of us to move forward.
No more urgent task awaits the ranks of world communism.

                                      Louis Godena

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