Attacks on Oleachea & El Diario International

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Wed May 15 17:29:29 MDT 1996

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a number of inconcistencies in
"Quispe's" polemics against Oleachea and Luis Arce.  Several others have
been pointed out to me in private messages from supporters of the People's War.

This morning, "Quispe" reiterated his scorn for Adolfo Oleachea, repeating
that Oleachea is "not even a member of the PCP".  This implies of course
that "Quispe" is a member of the Partido Comunista de Peru.  But is he?
And if "Quispe" is so hard pressed by the police and the postal agents (as
he claims--even going so far as to leaving the city to hide) why would he
call public attention to the fact of his "membership."   Wouldn't this
further invite police scrutiny?

"Quispe" claims to have known about Adolfo Oleachea and Luis Arce's perfidy
as  "fingerers" of revolutionaries and confidants of Fujimori for some time.
He, in fact,  claims to have known about this "for years."  Yet as recently
as last year, "Quispe"  was regularly circulating articles by both Luis Arce
and A Olachea through the offices of New Flag.  Was he knowlingly
circulating police propaganda?  What  "revolutionaries" have been so exposed
by LAB and AO?

It is well known that Adolfo Oleachea (sentenced to life imprisonment and
fined 500 million dollars by the Peruvian dictatorship) and Luis Arce Borja
(under sentence of death) cannot leave their respective countries of exile
(UK and Belgium).  Yet "Quispe" has labelled them "agents of Fujimori" and
accuse them of working actively against the interests of the Partido
Comunista de Peru.    "Quispe" travels freely to Europe, Canada, and
elsewhere, apparently without restriction.  If AO and LAB are permanently
grounded (always with the threat of deportation to life imprisonment or
death) and yet are agents of the Fujimori regime.  What does that make
"Quispe", who, apparently, has the run of the place.

"Quispe" wants to read Messrs. Oleachea and Arce Borja out of the human race
for granting interviews to the press which, as he puts it, have never
granted an interview to President Gonzalo, and which is controlled by SIN
(the Peruvian secret police).   But "Quispe" himself has granted interviews
to the MIami Herald and CNN.  Have they supported the People's War?  Have
they run press campaigns in support of President Gonzalo?  If "Quispe" were
contacted by the New York Times tommorrow and asked to comment on some facet
of the People's War, would he decline?  Would he prefer the space be given
to "Eddie" Occasio or Clark Kissinger?

Adolfo Oleachea, clearly, has earned the personal animus of "Quispe", who
denounces the former's "individuality" and "egoism" at every opportunity.
Yet AO does not claim--and "Quispe" admits he does not claim--to be subject
to the discipline of the Partido Comunista de Peru.   Yet "Qusipe"--whether
writing under the name of "Marcellina" or whomever--has virtually ignored
all attemptts to bring him to heel as lord of the New Flag internet.  He
has, in fact, transformed into his private pissoir, ruling with an iron hand
and dismissing all attempts to dilute his power or curb his excessive

Luis Arce Borja is excoriated for once being active in the United Left.
What of it?  It made no difference to President Gonzalo in 1988 when he
granted the most extensive interview of the war to LAB and El Diario.  Would
"Quispe" care to tell us what he was doing in 1988?  Was he fighting the
fascist regime in Peru, as LAB was doing at great personal risk.  Was he
organizing in the shantytowns?  Was he even supporting the Partido Comunista
de Peru.  I suspect he was not.

I will close for now with an old Russian proverb; those who set traps for
others, fall easily into those traps themselves.

          Louis Godena

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