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If this Robert Crumb deal goes through, you'll be in the Hall of Fame.

It's about the nearest our generation can get to having a portrait done by

Good luck.



>Hi List,
>I have come to a basic agreement with some people in the United States who
>want to do and inter active radical comic book in sixties style based on my
>book. They are trying to get a guy called R.Crumb (who is surpose to be
>famous) to do it. At this point it is a deal for internet only. No money
>really. 250 dollars. But it will be good publicity and if they decide to
>make it into a cd Rom it could be worth some money..But at this point it
>means they are going to do a chapter of the book every month into comic book
>for for a year... When it is done, and if it is good we could maybe get it
>onto Television...
>malecki in exile
>Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my Cristalball.

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