R Crumb IS famous, Goddammit!

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>Malecki (5/16/96):
>>>they are trying to get some guy named R Crumb to do it (he is supposed to
be famous)
>Damn  straight!  R Crumb was both the author and illustrator of
"Rumpleforeskin" which ran in the Berkeley Barb, and was widely syndicated,.
during the years 1967-72  ( I dunno, did it run in the old left-wing New
York Post?), along with such classics as "Ass-id", "Big Ass", "Lefty
Freako", and one other one which was REALLY famous.  I can't recall the
name, though.
>I learned practically all I know about American History from "Lefty
Freako".    There was one strip where he was, like,  teleprompted back to
the time of the American Revolution by Doris Day, and, well, he had to
smuggle some dynamite through British lines hidden in a wagon load of smelly
old cow manure.  And, like, it smelled so bad none of the British soldiers
(you know, they had those hats like the Pope ) wanted to search it.  Well,
anyway, the British commander said something about "we'll set fire to the
malordorous vehicle" or something like that and BOOM!  Lefty was able to get
through British lines....and, well, I'm glad he's doing your book .
>There was a film biography that was released in '93(?).  It's out on video.
Louis Godena

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