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boddhisatva kbevans at
Thu May 16 10:11:33 MDT 1996

		Mr. Andersen,

	While I stipulate many of your concerns about revolutionaries'
devoting their energies to a labor party, I believe that there are
differences between a parliamentary system and ours.  Your parties are
naturally more influential.  Our parties are much more collaborative than
cohesive.  The Republican party has affirmed racists and "Christian Identity"
lunatics in it, although they are ideologically far away from the mainstream
of that party.  The Democratic party has hard-core unionists and unrepentent
union busters in it.  I'm not talking about the rank and file membership
either, I'm talking about party leaders (for both parties).

	I believe that a labor party is, in America anyway, the natural place
for Marxists of all but the most inconsolable of stripes.  They may have to
bite their tongues a little at first, but ultimately an American party
becomes a unit for deal-making.  If the commies have a good candidate, the
labor party leadership will have to deal with them.


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