Greetings to Yoldash Zeynep

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Thu May 16 11:09:15 MDT 1996

Greetings to Comrade Zeynep from Wei En Lin

Thank you for posting the news on Turkey.

Ben Turkiyenin Cumhuriyetinde uch sene oturdum.  Tarsus Amerikan
Liseside ogretmenlik yaptim.

I was there during the mid 80's.  Before Evren was phased out.  Many of
my friends who have lived and worked in Turkey are very disappointed
that the Refah Partisi (Welfare Party) has made so many gains since
democratization has taken place.  Before '86 Refah could barely get even
5% of the vote. I remember the local elections well.  In Tarsus Refah
supporters and marchers were openly ridiculed.  Now they seem to
dominate local politics and are close to controlling the national

Now women openly don the veil (despite legal prohibitions) and I have
heard that men and women, on some bus routes in Istanbul, are made to
sit on opposite sides of the bus. Ayip, Ayip!

Some communists, I hear, argue that an Islamic fundamentalist Refah
government would be good for Turkey now, because it would show the
workers exactly what they would get.  Are you of this opinion, or do you
hope for a different sequence of event?

Sincere Regards,

Wei En Lin.

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