Le libre!

Matt D. afn02065 at afn.org
Thu May 16 15:17:32 MDT 1996

Steve "Magnum" Philion wrote::

>wow!  a book!  a book by an exile!  boy, a real book by  a real exiled hero!!

Now Steve, let's be fair here.  Better to write a book than not to write a
book, yes?  Sure Malecki can be a pain in the ass <ouch!>, and sure
he often comes off as, shall we say, self-aggrandizing, and yes, we don't
agree w/ many of his political positions.

But still, no crime in trying to communicate w/ folks, is there?  And better his
story than that of, say, Jim Wright, don't you think?  It seems to me we should
respect the effort.

Congratulations on the book, Robert.  My own feeling is that getting mixed
up w/ a nutcase like Crumb contributes to political incoherence.  But then,
I often feel you are rather politically incoherent, as you know.  As the case
may be, from a comic art -- and marketing -- perspective, it would be a
real coup.

Good luck,

-- Matt "Arch-Conciliator" D.

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