XVIth Anniversary and many happy returns to the US proletariat too!

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>Subject: XVIth Anniversary
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>>Adolfo, my friend,
>>                            My greetings to you and the London Sol Peru
>>Committee on this, the Sixteenth Anniversary of the People's War in your
>>native country.   Please extend to those worthy members of the Stalin
>>Society my deep appreciation for their past work and all good wishes for the
>>success of the international proletariat in the future.
>>                             Last evening at the monthly meeting of my
>>union, Local 94 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners, AFL-CIO,
>>I spoke of the heroism of the masses in the historic People's War which is
>>shaking Latin America and the whole capitalist world to its foundations.
>>While poker-faced union officialdom looked on, I mentioned your work and the
>>work of revolutionaries around the world in support of this seminal struggle.
>>                              As the first hours of 17 May fall across the
>>UK, please accept the congratulations and thanks of myself and my comrades
>>in the Communist Party of  Rhode Island and the Peru Support Committee (RI)
>>for your efforts on behalf of the working class.  And all success to you in
>>the future.
>>                           Louis Godena

Dear comrade:

The real merit is with masses in Peru, the leadership of the Communist Party
and Chairman Gonzalo, the People's Liberation Army combatants, the many
unsung heroes of this revolution and with the working people of the world,
particularly the proletariat, which is the leader of the world revolution.

Please extend my congratulations to all members of your Committee, to the
communists and class conscious proletarians in the USA and to all democratic
and progressive people, in particular the labouring masses of cities and
rural areas.  It is their Party too!  They may not know all about it yet,
and that is the job of the sincere internationalist supporters of the
People's War in Peru, whatever the traitor say or do, as Chairman Gonzalo is
always fond of saying.

Adolfo Olaechea
on behalf of Committee Sol Peru


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