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James Miller, in answer to Mike Dean, said, "The rate of exploitation
is the ratio of the surplus value to the variable capital advanced in
wages. I believe that the rate of exploitation has increased. This
boosts the profit rate."

Brian Carnell said to Miller, "How do *you* measure exploitation?"


James Miller tried to honestly answer Mike Dean's question, by
explaining a concept of Karl Marx, relative to the difference
between surplus value, and wages paid to workers. Miller went
on to say he believed the rate of exploitation has increased!

What Karl Marx said, relative to difference between surplus
wages, and wages paid workers is absolutely correct; but it
does not answer the question of measuring rate of exploitation;
and Brian Carnell knows this to be true.

But, because Miller said, he believed that exploitationhas
increased, Carnell posed a question that can't reallybe answered
at this time.

Carnell's question, "How do you measure exploitation?" is pretty
clever, because it really can't be answered; at least it can't be
answered by use of Marxian theory. It's like asking, "How do you
measure BIG?"; or, better still, "How do you measure DISHONESTY?"

To measure "BIG"; you have to, first determine, by what, or who's
standards are you going to do the measuring!

To measure "DISHONESTY"; you must first determine what dishonesty
means; what it applies to, or involves; and what, or who it affects!

It's interesting to note, during the 1980's when Reagan was in
office; a bunch of a--hole "right wing capitalist" Republican stock
analysts had a weekly television program, where they discussed, and
gave, what they called the "GREED FACTOR INDEX" and laughed about it!
When this program would come on the air, it would almost make me puke,
because these capitalistic a--holes would brazenly brag, how they
were ripping off the American economy, and screwing the American

Cockshott & Henwood comment:

Paul Cockshott uses national income statistics; states other authors
use input-output tables (what ever that means); cites methodolgy used
by Shaik & Tonak, "Measuring the Wealth of Nations"; and he cites
Moseley's figures that compare total value added in productive
activities, with wages earned by workers in those industries, versus
the time to create products.

Doug Henwood cites "World Bank" tables, relating wages, as percent
of value in manfacturing, by different countries which provides

Jokoe comments:

being used might reflect income trends in different countries, but
they don't provide any useful data, that can be used to measure
exploitation. This is mainly because the yeaboes putting out
statistics don't address exploitation, and no one wants to address
exploitation. Furthermore, all the dumb statistics created, are only
used to enhance decisions of businesses who wish to know, where they
can exploit others, not to measure it!

Comrade Bruce Cronin should get an "A" for his effort, in pointing out
that Moseley, Shaik, and Tonak, UNDERSTATE the degree of exploitation
in the world, and their data, only reflects distributional problems,
over "the results of the process of production." The data is in no way
useful, to measure exploitation, and any who uses it in such fashion,
are naive!

following are aspects of exploitation, that must be considered when
trying to measure exploitation:

1] Stealing other nation's resources by conquest; war; threat of war;
political connivery; bribery; monetory manipulation; economic pressure;
and outright expropriation. In short, taking what don't belong to you!

2] Enslaving other people outright, or by economic thralldom.

3] Drafting unwilling citizens (especially the poor & minorities)
into military service; or suckering them into volunteer enlistments
(on a false premise, they're defending a nation), when in reality,
they're in the military to fight wars for economic reasons, and
goals, to make "elitist capitalists" rich in profits.

4] Using minorities as "cannon fodder" in combat because "so called
leaders are bigots" and would rather see a "minority die," then one
of "God's chosen whites."

5] Religion - "Salvation by exploitation!" (Send the money, you'll
have a place in heaven) "Bull s-it - Bull s-it - Bull s-it!"

6] Move manfacturing production to third world countries - they
work cheaper; no safety; no EPA; "NO HOPE - NO HOPE - NO HOPE"
Just "PROFITS" and more "PROFITS!" - Who cares, as long as the
business gets "PROFITS!"

7] Destroy jobs, by moving manfacturing plants to other countries,
because it's cheaper & more profit can be made! (But, who will buy
the products, without income??????) Are we not exploiting other
people by having them do it cheaper??? DON'T BULL S-IT, by saying
we're helping other people by giving them job opportunitIES - as
soon as their work efforts versus wage improves, production is
moved to another cheaper area. "BULL S-IT, BULL S-IT, BULL S-IT!"

8] Deregulate - no control on business; raise interest rates; let
it run wild - costs skyrocketing - let businesses CHARGE TO THE
MAXIMUM - no ceiling in sight; a good business climate; "PRICE
GOUGING"; free market economy & free enterprise, "BUT, FOR WHO?";

who must pay rent & eat!  "WHO SEZ, LOW MINIMUM WAGES CREATE JOBS?"


In answer to Brian Carnell's "Dishonest" question, "How do *you*
measure exploitation?"

I say, you don't measure exploitation! "You recognize it, for what
it is, and then you work to eliminate it!"

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